Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds investment is a safer way to be in the Market (than Shares). Its an open ended scheme, it does not have any Lock In period . It should be a part of your Portfolio and should be bought on Regular Basis thru SIP (monthly basis) and can be bought in LUM SUM also, as it bounds you to inculcate a saving habit. Ideally you should buy fresh Mutual Fund on monthly basis looking into very carefully the past performance of the fund. Mutual Fund should be monitored regularly to get the best results.

These 5 schemes are the ideal Saving Instruments you should have in your Portfolio ,as Liquidity at the end of the day will full fill all your Short Term (3 -10 yrs) or Long Term (10 -20yrs) goals.Please contact me for further clarification and help to Plan and Start these scheme and make sure that you get the best of the after sales service and guidance,